About Christian J. Muller

Christian spent many years as a Higher Education adviser at a Sixth Form College. Dozens of his past students would return from their Universities with valuable information about their progress. Courses with the best job prospects were identified and the information was passed on to younger students.

Earlier Christian had attended 3 Universities and worked for 15 years in industry before becoming a College Chemistry teacher.   His two children were guided to sensible University courses and they now enjoy their secure well paid jobs.

Now, in early retirement, he is most concerned that our youngsters should take more interest in student finance and not ‘sleep-walk’  their way to a crippling college debt.

Christian adds:    “I would hope that every student who works hard at their studies deserves to land themselves a graduate level job and then enjoy a good quality of life.  Before my retirement it became obvious that a lot of very bright students were not enrolling on degree subjects which lead to decent employment. Paying off their student loan, even then, was a becoming a big problem.  So we spent a lot of time  analysing employment statistics to guide our worthy students towards more lucrative jobs.

Now, the severe rises in University tuition fees threaten our students with frightening debts – which is exactly why I have decided to update and convert my original guides into a waffle-free downloadable eBook.”


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